Richard A Stora

from Wayland, MI
Age ~77

Richard Stora Phones & Addresses

  • 435 Hill Lake Rd, Wayland, MI 49348 (269) 792-2789
  • 507 Main St, Wayland, MI 49348 (269) 792-4240
  • 507 Main St, Wayland, MI 49348 (269) 792-4240
  • Hopkins, MI
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • 507 N Main St, Wayland, MI 49348 (269) 792-4240


Position: Production Occupations



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Richard Stora

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United States


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Fireplace Heat Exchanger

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US Patent:
4332236, Jun 1, 1982
Feb 25, 1980
Appl. No.:
Richard A. Stora - Wayland MI
Edward J. Chase - Comstock Part MI
International Classification:
F24B 700
F24F 314
US Classification:
A fireplace heat exchanger comprises a plurality of laterally spaced, C-shaped heat transfer tubes, each having a mounting plate connected at its lower end. A header extends along the tube lower ends to flow air therethrough, and removable fasteners individually connect each mounting plate to the header. A bracket interconnects the outer ends of the tubes, such that a damaged tube can be easily replaced by disassembling the bracket, removing the fasteners from the damaged tube, and detaching the mounting plate. The heat exchanger also includes a humidifier, comprising a water carrying conduit which extends through one of the tubes. Water droplets are slowly metered from the conduit onto a hot upper surface of the tube, and vaporize substantially instantaneously upon impingement to therewith mix with and humidify the heated air flowing through the tube.
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